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Draught excluder

Add a touch of sunshine to a draughty day with this fun, easy-to-make, beach hut themed draught excluder! I’ve used a rolled-up towel to fill mine, as it is heavier than toy filler, and will absorb dampness if the rain comes in. Measure up first to make this bespoke...

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Crochet Footstool

This chunky footstool is a homeware lover’s must-have. Working with jersey T-shirt yarn, we opted for grey and pink, but you can play around with contrasting colours. Make lots of footstools in different sizes and colours and stack them up. This project can be found...

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Beaded Clutch Bag

This gorgeous machine embroidered and beaded bag will dress-up a simple outfit for a special occasion, day or evening. With a contrasting lining, just visible from the outside, it will certainly stand out. This is an ideal way to use some of the ribbons and fabric...

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Hot Water Bottle

Pretty up your hot water bottle by making this stylish cosy. The measurements given fit my hot water bottle – your fabric needs to be 2in (5cm) larger than your hot water bottle, so check before you cut any fabric. This project can be found in issue 164.

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Park Bench Ruffle Purse

This park bench ruffle purse is not for the shy lady – you will get a lot of attention when holding this purse layered with ruffles and dotted with oversized covered buttons. Go ahead – make your flirty fashion statement with enthusiasm! Find this project in issue...

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Equaliser Quilt

Inspired by her husband’s love of music, Cheryl Arkison gives us step by step instructions on how to make this bold and striking Equaliser Quilt. Where will your inspiration take you? Find this project in issue 160 March / April 2017

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Fresh Bloom Pillow Pop

Bursting with colour, this pillow top by Ryan Walsh utilizes an easy raw-edge applique process that assures you of a one-of-a-kind piece. Plan out your colour scheme, or use this as a scrap-busting project. This project can be found in issue 156.

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Firecracker Pillow Cover DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE HERE Measuring Tape, Rulers, and Cutting Mats Every good embroiderer needs a classic dressmaker’s measuring tape for measuring fabrics and thread. A T-square ruler is also helpful for making sure fabric cuts are always...

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Clouds in the sky

Techniques Chain Piecing A very efficient and time-saving piecing method for a project with many similar blocks is chain-piecing. In this technique, multiple centers are stitched to one long strip of log fabric, cut apart, and stitched to the next long strip of log...

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Modern Crosses Quilt

Have a go at this beautiful quilt using log cabin piecing. This project can be found in our May/Jun 16 Issue 154 Techniques Binding the Quilt Now that your quilt sandwich is machine-quilted (or tied), you’re ready to prepare it for binding! Pin around the perimeter of...

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Snow Bear

Sven bear loves to play in the snow. His winter white coat is layered on and he has a warm knitted blue hat and scarf to keep out the winter chills. His snug boots are needled on over his teddy legs and they are fashionably trimmed with fluffy wool. To make Sven’s two...

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Gift Box

Presentation is important, particularly when giving a hand-made gift, and this elegant box is almost a gift in itself! Fill with jewellery, cookies, sweets or pot pourri, and just see the delight on the face of the person you’re giving it to...

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3D Felt Bowl

Have a go at making this sculptural felt bowl – perfect as a decorative piece or for storing knick knacks. This project can be found in our Jan/Feb 16 Issue 153

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Polar Bear

Make this enchanting polar bear using the snow bear instructions below or in our Nov/Dec issue. This project can be found in our Jan/Feb 16 Issue 153 Wee Woolly Bear Template Large Bear Template Teeny Tiny Bear...

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Pumpkin Pillow

The texture and dimension of this pumpkin pillow give it centre stage in my blue-themed bedroom! Use it among other pillows to dress the bed or, with a little less stuffing, it would make for a very comfortable seat pad. This project can be found in issue 151.

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Bunny toy

This bob-tail bunny is the perfect pocket-size pal, so you’ve no excuse to ever be without your very own lucky rabbit mascot. Crocheted in a cuddly super-fine wool yarn, it would look even cuter on the shelf with a partner in a different colour. The project can be...

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Peacock Pincushion

The peacock, with its iridescent blue feathers and flamboyant tail, is an iconic symbol of the Aesthetic Movement, which appears widely in paintings, jewellery and textile designs of the late nineteenth century. This quirky pincushion may lack the sinuous grace of his...

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Party Bear

Oh dear, Polly has so many balloons that she is floating up into the clouds! Here she is all dressed up in her new dress and matching hair bow. Let’s hope her teddy friends will be able to help her down so that she can enjoy a slice of her cake. This project can be...

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Oven Mitt

The two-tone colours of this quilted mitt will coordinate with your kitchen perfectly, and will fit any size of hand, left or right! I have used heat-resistant wadding/batting to help protect your hands from the heat. This project can be found in issue 150.

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Chamomile Flowers

A beautiful 3D flower design, finished off with two bees and a spider! For this design choose a soft cream Dupion silk, satin or pure linen fabric. Trace the pattern. Place the fabric layers in your hoop. This project can be found in issue 149 (May/June 15)

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Bring the sunshine inside with this beautiful felted sunflower. Shaping the merino into flower and leaf shapes before laying it down gives a good base to work on. Stitched lines are then used to define the shapes further. Finished size: 41 x 28cm (16 x 11in) This...

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Alphabet Wall Hanging

Perfect for a nursery or child’s bedroom! The letter designs for this sampler are so versatile. If you don’t want to make the complete wall hanging, choose some letters and embroider them wherever you like – as monograms on clothes or bags, or as cute slogans on...

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Storage basket

What better place to store your crochet projects than a sturdy half treble crochet basket? Made in giant stitches with cotton jersey fabric strips, it takes shape in a flash. You’ll soon find you need one for every room in the house for all those other odds and ends....

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Ribbon allium bag

As a change from using floss, this bag is embroidered using different widths and types of ribbon and a selection of beads. The same repertoire of embroidery stitches is used, but with a few differences. This project can be found in Issue 148 (Mar/Apr 15)

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Tea-light cuffs

Set the tone for a romantic night in with a host of these decorative candle holders. They are recycled glass jars covered with lacy mercerised cotton crochet cuffs. Each cuff is made up of three crochet motifs that are stitched together to form a tube. This project...

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Inspiration Dolls

A beautiful way of sending a card or message to a friend or to yourself- Make your own to inspire you and keep her close to you. I was inspired by Cat Kerr’s beautiful work. This project can be found in issue 147

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Flower Cart

The pre-painted rustic cart is filled with masses of delicate blooms. Complete one group of flowers before beginning the next. This project can be found in issue 147

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Stimulating and Inspiring

“I spent an hour in Smiths looking for an inspiring magazine and was amazed at the plethora of choice that was available.

After browsing several magazines I chose Be Creative. I have just finished reading it and found it both stimulating and inspiring. I especially loved the articles by Michelle Mischkulnig, Val Hughes, Lynda Monk and Leslie Morgan - I greatly admire their skill, talent and originality.

I have just begun to experiment with mixed media and love portraying beautiful landscapes; I feel I have gained wonderful ideas from reading these articles and am raring to get started on my next project.

I love the fact that all these artists are not hindered by conventional ideas but are free to experiment with whatever inspires them. Thank you!”