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Be Creative with Workbox contains a variety of articles featuring many different textile and needlecraft techniques.  These articles range from short and news stories, to long feature articles on a particular artist, project or group.  The beautiful photography displays the artwork in a striking way, really enabling readers to see the detail that goes into each piece.


Do you have something you wish to share with fellow needle crafters? Have you just made a fascinating piece and want to shout about it? This is the perfect opportunity for you to write an article for Workbox Magazine and reach more than 10,000 enthusiastic needlecraft readers.

If you would like to submit a feature article for consideration please email to mary@creativewithworkbox.com. For feature articles we need around 1000+ words and as many high resolution images as you can.  If you have a shorter story or a news feature please also email through to mary@creativewithworkbox.com .  We need around 600-800 words and again plenty of high resolution images.

Submission does not guarantee that your article will be published. The editor of Workbox will make the final decision. All articles must be relevant to Workbox readers.



Stimulating and Inspiring

“I spent an hour in Smiths looking for an inspiring magazine and was amazed at the plethora of choice that was available.

After browsing several magazines I chose Be Creative. I have just finished reading it and found it both stimulating and inspiring. I especially loved the articles by Michelle Mischkulnig, Val Hughes, Lynda Monk and Leslie Morgan - I greatly admire their skill, talent and originality.

I have just begun to experiment with mixed media and love portraying beautiful landscapes; I feel I have gained wonderful ideas from reading these articles and am raring to get started on my next project.

I love the fact that all these artists are not hindered by conventional ideas but are free to experiment with whatever inspires them. Thank you!”