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Issue 178


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Carolina Torres’ luscious landscapes draw you in, make you marvel, and offer a familiarity that any viewer can relate to. We love her stunning cover art on this month’s issue and her showcase is not to be missed.

Have you ever felt uninspired when perusing the shelves of your local habby store, unable to find anything unique to adorn your work? Well, Jessica Grady will solve that problem for you with her clever tutorial on making your own embellishments – with a few nifty tricks, you can create sequins and sew-ons using recycled materials you can find in your home – result!

We have featured so many artists over the years who have fallen into their chosen field by complete accident and Kate Anderson’s story is no different. Originally a painter, Kate’s late night bursts of energy led to her seeking a new skill to occupy those wakeful hours and her evolution into knotting is fascinating, as are the icons she recreates in this skilful medium.

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