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Issue 172


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In a stunning ten page interview, learn how the couple met in Paris, fell in love, taught each other their respective skills of drawing and embroidery and started their business ‘Le Kadre’, selling embroidery patterns, within months of meeting. #lifegoals

What does your creative space look like? Are you someone who likes to have everything in order with not a spool out of place? Or are you a bit messy and chaotic, with every surface bearing signs of your creativity? Well, in our brand new feature ‘Creative Spaces’, we take you inside the workrooms of your favourite artists and see just where they create their beautiful pieces of art, and how they create an inspiring space to work in.

This issue’s projects are an opportunity to express your individuality – Carol Bartlett’s step by step guide to making a textile collage picture allows you to replicate any place you love in thread and Chloe Owens’ applique portrait helps you create any person you love in thread! Plus, we have a gorgeous felt floral pin project that is just cuteness overload – enjoy!

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