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Issue 162


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Artists for centuries have been collaborating and amalgamating different ideas and materials with the aim to create something truly unique. The artists in this issue are no different, and there are stacks of inspiration to be found in their paths to creativity.

Leisa Rich builds interesting textures on surfaces using different materials. Read about her collaboration with quilt artist Virginia Greaves.
Cover artist Elizabeth Ashdown also combines unusual materials into her woven art, describing her work as a hybrid between weaving and mixed media. Check out our interview this issue with Zoe Gilbertson. See how she fuses modern technology with traditional methods in her colourful and vibrant needlework.

If you are in need of a bit of inspiration, Inspired by India (page 59) and Connected by Africa (page 58) are two unique exhibitions, both drawing inspiration from different countries and cultures. Why not take a trip abroad this summer and let the surrounding culture inspire your next piece? Or, be inspired by the artists in this issue and create unique pieces of art by fusing together different ideas, skills or materials.

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