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About Us

ONE Media re-launched the Workbox magazine in January 2012 with the first issue March / April on sale at the end of February 2012. ONE Media, established in 2005, initially as a publisher of local monthly magazines have after 7 successful years expanded their range of services to include graphic design, printing of stationery and promotional material, helping businesses both locally and nationally. Now in 2012 they have increased their portfolio of magazine titles to include the Workbox Magazine.

ONE Media intend to bring a fresh new look to the original Workbox magazine, while keeping the essence of this well loved publication.

Originally, Workbox magazine was launched in 1981 by Audrey Babington, and was the forerunner of the vast quantity of needlecraft magazines now available in the numerous needlecraft, textiles and fabric subjects seen on news stands.

From the first issue, Workbox set out to stand as a source of information and inspiration for its readers. Information was supplied for readers on the wide variety of subjects that needlecrafts encompass and in advertisements for materials and other products essential to the enthusiast’s hobby. Inspiration enabled readers to develop their own skills in their chosen discipline.

Audrey Babington


Our Story

Workbox has changed over the years but the principal aims of Audrey Babington are still adhered to. Features cover as many subjects in needlecrafts, textiles and fabrics as possible, with articles by leading authors and practitioners in their particular subjects. New ideas are explored and traditional methods are explained, now with a more modern approach.

Wherever possible, advertisements are promoted in the subjects covered to give readers details of suppliers whom they may wish to contact. There is always wide advertising covering the whole spectrum of the needle world.

Workbox remains a source of ideas, information and inspiration for readers of all ages who want to develop their skills, want to be kept informed, or who simply want a good read. Published bi-monthly, the magazine cover price is £4.25. Subscribe online now for over 20% discount!




Mary Bennellick is the Editor of the Be Creative magazine, a Mecca for all things crafty and the go-to magazine for serious craft enthusiasts for the last 30 years. With a grandmother who was a seamstress and after studying textiles at school plus working in a needlecraft shop for five years, it is no surprise that Mary is creative and enjoys turning her hand to small needlework projects. She is passionate about Be Creative and its heritage since meeting Audrey Babbington, the creator of the magazine, when she took over the helm over two years ago. As an amateur baker in her spare time, Mary loves spending quality time with Ethel, her Kitchenaid, baking bread and cakes for her husband and one year old son and occasionally for the office!



Editor in Chief

Bruce spent 15 years in media businesses in South Africa, ending up as the CEO of a full-service corporate and investor relations agency. Bruce sold the agency to a multi-national firm and moved to the UK with his family. He invested in Interlink Express, a parcel delivery franchise, and spent the next few years building the customer base to over 280 Devon businesses. Interlink Express was merged into DPD and Bruce’s days as a franchisee came to an end, leaving him free to return to the industry he knows and loves best.

Bruce says: “I was fortunate to be introduced to One Media by the founder, Paul. For over ten years Paul and his team have built a top-quality company that provides a really great client list with all kinds of ways of getting their message in front of key markets. We have a host of magazines including those in the One Magazine stable which go to over 120,000 households every month, an energetic website development wing, and the ability to provide a full range of design, print and distribution services.”

“Our success is due entirely to the success of our clients – we give them platforms that work.”



Managing Editor

With a family background in selling haberdashery and needlecraft, Amber was brought up amongst threads, fabrics and sewing; all of which has given her a real interest in textiles and needlecraft which she brings to her role as Managing Editor of the magazine. As a busy mum of two, Amber enjoys cooking, shopping and spending time with her family.

Jake / Elsa

Accounts Manager

If you phone the Be Creative office to renew your subscription or order a copy of Be Inspired, it’s likely you’ll be chatting to either Jake or Elsa as they’re the folks in the know! Quiz them for details of how many issues you have left and anything else subscription related. Jake is an adrenaline junkie in his spare time and Elsa enjoys hitting the gym besides travelling the world.


Graphic Designer

Peter is responsible for making the magazine so attractive and works with the rest of the team on its design. As a cycling obsessed father of two he is rarely still, whether cycling to work with delusions of being in the Tour de France, or having fun with his two small people.


Website Designer

Our chief techie in the office, Aiden, (and also nicknamed the office president!) designed this beautiful website and keeps its content up to date for you to enjoy. In his spare time, Aiden enjoys walking his Labrador Toby and relaxing with friends and family.


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